Youth sports leaders and administrators, from the volunteer president of a local tee-ball league to the high school athletic director, are responsible for creating a culture where youth thrive.

Such culture often depends on positive coaching and positive sports parenting that results from the leader’s recruitment, cultivation, training and reinforcement of those values throughout the school or organization. In keeping with other terminology for coaches, parents and athletes, the PCA ideal is a Single-Goal Leader, who is laser focused on creating a Development Zone® culture for developing Better Athletes, Better People.

PCA's workshops have been called "transformative" and "life-changing."

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Frequently asked questions

What proof can you offer that PCA training works?
Positive Coaching Alliance has commissioned several independent third-party studies of our impact on coach, parent and student-athlete behavior and attitude change after PCA Training. Findings of the key studies are collected here. Additionally, we often receive high praise in qualitative comments and testimonials from those who participate in our live workshops and online courses and who use our books, e-mail subscriptions and free resources with www.PCADevZone.org. Many of those comments appear in our Success Stories blog.
What recommendations does PCA have for hiring coaching staff?
Advice on recruiting, hiring and developing coaches appears within the first few resources at this page, part of the PCA Development Zone™ Resource Center, a collection of 1,200+ free printable and audio-video resources for youth and high school coaches, sports parents, administrators and student-athletes.
I can’t afford to bring PCA to my school. Is there anything I can do?
PCA often receives funding from donors and foundations that enable us to provide PCA training to communities that can’t afford to pay for our services. You can fill out this form, and the appropriate PCA representative will contact you.
What does PCA deliver to its partner schools and youth sports organization?
A PCA Partnership includes a customized mix of live workshops, online courses, books, access to the PCA Partners website, and ongoing follow-up communications. All are designed to bring coaches, sports parents, administrators, and student-athletes onto the same page. When a given school or organization takes this system-based approach, a positive, character-building youth and high school sports culture can be created and maintained. Here are more details on partnering with PCA.