National Advisory Board

PCA’s National Advisory Board is an all-volunteer group, whose primary role is to dispense advice that finds its way into our workshop and online course curriculum, books and free resources within the Development Zone® Resource Center website.

The board comprises current and former pro, college and Olympic coaches and athletes; world-class researchers and authors on sports and educational psychology; and academic, business and organizational leaders. Whether you see them in our videos or live at a PCA fundraising event, we are extraordinarily grateful for their contributions to the PCA Movement. Find out more about each National Advisory Board Member and what they contribute to PCA by clicking their photos below.

National Advisory Board Members Not Pictured

  • Frank Broyles (In Memoriam), College Football Hall of Famer, National Championship Coach
  • Joan Duda, Chair, Sports Psychology, Univ. of Birmingham, England
  • John W. Gardner, (In Memoriam) Founder, White House Fellows Program
  • Jim Gibbons, Dean, Stanford University School of Engineering (retired)
  • Jack Kemp, (In Memoriam) Pro Football Star and Politician
  • Jerry Kindall, (In Memoriam) Head Coach (ret.), University of Arizona Baseball
  • Chris Moore, Producer, "Good Will Hunting"
  • Claude Rosenberg, (In Memoriam), NewTithing Group
  • Bill Walsh, (In Memoriam) 3-time Super Bowl Champion Head Coach, San Francisco 49ers
  • Albert Bandura, (In Memoriam) Stanford University Department of Psychology
  • Bill Campbell, (In Memoriam) Chairman, Intuit
  • Gregory Dale, (In Memoriam) Professor of Sport Psychology and Sport Ethics, Duke University
  • Tony Dicicco, (In Memoriam) Former Olympic and World Cup Women's Soccer Coach
  • Ken Ravizza, (In Memoriam) Professor of Applied Sport Psychology, Cal State-Fullerton
  • Charlie Slagle, (In Memoriam) Former Soccer Executive/Administrator
  • Dean Smith, (In Memoriam) Basketball Coach, University of North Carolina
  • Buddy Teevens, (In Memoriam) Ivy League Champion and Football Coach, Dartmouth
  • Dick Tomey, (In Memoriam) All-Time Winningest Football Coach, University of Arizona, Former Head Coach at Hawaii & San Jose State