Thousands of organizations have partnered with PCA to have a proven system in place that fosters a Positive Youth Development (PYD) environment. Our partners learn how to develop athletes into better competitors while putting purposeful attention on using sports to prepare kids for life. Partnerships often feature live workshops, online resources, and consultancy support to help leaders, coaches, athletes, parents, and officials bring the best of youth sports to the forefront.

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PCA surveys indicate that PCA tools and workshops impact:

  • Coaches' ability to support life skills development and social emotional learning
  • Sports as fun
  • Parent-coach relationships
  • The ability to teach life lessons through sports
  • Coach and athlete turnover

That environment helps your school or organization attract and retain the coaches, parents and players necessary to make your programs run smoothly... with fewer on-field conflicts, better coach-parent relationships and avid support for the program itself from all involved and the community at large.

Coaches, parents, and organization leaders report the impacts of PCA workshops in multiple areas;
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So, what does it mean to partner with PCA? Here is what our partners have to say:

"PCA provides an excellent foundation for sports leadership and coaches. This is a must attend class for anyone looking to build a positive culture for their organization."
- Newton (MA) Youth Basketball

"We have worked with PCA for 23+ years and know the critical importance of their coach training coursework, and it is a prerequisite for entering our program as a coach because it helps give everyone a toolkit they can use to meet each child at their various levels. Imagine if PCA had the funds to provide youth in EVERY sport with a trained coach!”
- Kath Gillespie, President of the San Francisco Little League

"I thought the Competing with Empathy workshop was outstanding! The topics covered are at the core of the mission of youth and interscholastic sports. I highly recommend it."
- Lefteris Banos

“The feedback has been tremendous. Coaches really liked the interaction with presenters, they found the material not only informative but also could be put into action right away, and they liked the  opportunities to talk with each other. The comment that keeps coming up is “they presented the information in a way that made it easy to open up.”
- Steve Kendall

"I think this is THE most important training session for youth coaches to take. This philosophy and the methods and procedures taught bring much more to the success of our league than any baseball skills session. I wish this was around many years earlier.  Positive Coaching Alliance clinics have always been time well spent in helping educate coaches. This training is the most important training for our league (vs. skills, first aid, drills etc.) in order to create a good experience for our players."
- Scituate LL

"The night sparked a new flame in our Youth soccer organization and renewing our belief that this team sport is so much more than molding great athletes, it's about molding our young players into great people, great leaders, great citizens and amazing teammates."
- Roger Simoes, Naugatuck Youth Soccer President

“PCA is the best thing I have implemented as an AD.”
- Steve Blumenthal, AD, North Haven High School, CT